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Beer lovers giving honest opinion on the beers they drink. On social media we review beer from here, there and everywhere to promote local microbrew and craft breweries by “drinking local”. We do this through online events like beer fest coverage, public Drink-a-Longs with the brewer, Perfect Pairings and mBR at the Tap promotions. Listen to our podcast the Beer & nonsense Podcast for interviews and more fun.


Drink, Rate, & Review. CHEERS! 

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mBR started in 2017 on Facebook as a way, Christian Milovich & Thad Schmidt, could use social media presence to help promote microbrew and craft breweries by “drinking local”. Just giving their honest opinion on the beers they were drinking. Then added Instagram, Twitter, twitch and TickTock. In 2018 they started the Beer & nonsense podcast. To further help promote “drink local” in community outside of michiana (Michigan/Indiana). Facebook remains the main source for mBR content with daily themes, LIVE reviewers, mBR at the Tap, Drink-a-Longs, Beer Fest Coverage, Perfect Pairings and more. There are three adminis that assist with Facebook Andy McFarlane (Illinois), Cali Jason Wyatt (California), and Uncle Dave Meuninck. Also supporters/characters  George “Catfish” Milovich, Cousin Danny Meuninck (Alaska), & Ol’cousin Jim Bailey (Ohio).  mBR’s Facebook has a community page open for public reviews.

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